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Work Safely at Heights

Folding Mobile Tower

Folding Mobile tower featuring comfortable handling for internal and external work at lower levels.

Available widths:

  • 0.85m, 0.75m

Available Length:

  • 1.80m

Max. Working Heights:

  • 4.0m


High-quality Aluminium Mobile Tower Scaffold

Al Mateen Scaffolding offers a line of folding aluminium mobile tower scaffold units that can be utilised for work indoors and outdoors. These aluminium mobile scaffolds are particularly designed for work at lower levels, but can be extended up to a maximum height of 4 metres.

Reasons to choose folding mobile scaffold tower

Our foldable aluminium tower scaffolds are lightweight and can be easily transported to the project site. These mobile aluminium scaffolding tower units can be easily manoeuvred through doors and narrow spaces, which gives users the convenience of improved handling and portability. It also makes these mobile aluminium scaffolds the best tool for work indoors, as it can be assembled effortlessly and quickly.

As aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, you can expect our mobile scaffold towers to be durable and long-lasting, making them a worthy investment, particularly for businesses that use these on a regular basis. The scaffolds are ideal for use in work that involves facility cleaning and maintenance, as well as installation and construction work.

Ensure safety with a reliable scaffolding platform

Using a scaffolding tower to reach inaccessible areas of work is not only necessary to get the job done, but it also helps in minimising accidents and casualties in the workplace. Scaffolds provide a sturdy foundation that professional workers can leverage to complete their task efficiently and properly, and with the assurance that they will not get injured or harmed.

At Al Mateen, we fully understand this responsibility and the importance of producing tough and durable scaffold towers. We always strive to improve our processes and to consistently manufacture high-quality scaffolding towers to supply companies and service providers.

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