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Work Safely at Heights

Double Width Platform Scaffold Tower 250 series

We have designed the new Alloy Towers 250 to ensure that it is the best tower for our users in the key areas of speed and ease of assembly, adjustability of platform heights, user safety, practicality of use and quality of manufacture. As a result our tower has the following benefits which make it the only sensible choice for your access tower needs:
  • Every frame is a ladder frame meaning there’s no mix ups to delay and endanger those assembling or using the tower.
  • Frames engineered for lightness for better transportation, whilst maximising strength by fully welding all joints and further improving safety.
  • All frame rungs are castellated tube, which provides grip for climbing, and will resist debris becoming stuck on the surface.
  • Double platform tower for wider working space Ladder frame allows easy ascent to the top.
  • Light weight, easy assembly/ disassembly method, non-corrosive and visually appealing tower compared to steel.
  • Precise uniform tig welding and notching performed to secure parts firmly.
  • Maximum working height 16m; towers above 10m must be secured to another structure.
  • Heavy duty 8″ wheels with brake and release option, capable of holding up to 600kg load capacity/wheel.
  • Option to work at several heights at one time, by using additional platforms.

Loading Capacity:

  • 250 Kg on each platform (evenly on two platforms 500kg)

Available Widths:

  • 1.45m

Available Lengths:

  • 2.50m to 1.80m

Available Heights:

  • 1.50m to 15m

Double Width Platform Scaffold Tower 180 series