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Aluminum Scaffolding

Portable aluminium Scaffolding towers are highly useful alternatives to ladders when there is a lot of work to be done at height. Indoor scaffold tower have large work of aluminium scaffold platform, scaffold mobile tower  can comfortably fit a worker and any necessary tools and materials, while at the same time being both rigid and stable. The scaffold stair access tower platform offers a much safer environment to work from compared to balancing on a ladder.


Scaffold towers are self-supporting, meaning they do not need to be leaned against any wall or building.


Ali scaffold towers eliminate the risk of slipping, which can happen with ladders; this is due to them being a free standing structure, offering you a larger area to work and less re-positioning required.


We have different sizes of scaffolding like  2m scaffold tower ,3m scaffold tower, 4metre scaffold tower, 5m scaffold tower,6 meter scaffold tower etc.


Our scaffolding BS 1139 /EN1004 euro tower scaffold standard.


In the market used mobile aluminium scaffold tower for sale but similar components are not used in the tower . It may be a safety issue .


Our products are tested and certified by TUV SUD and are a world leader in product testing and certification.