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Aluminum Scaffolding And Aluminum Ladders Manufacturing Company, Oman


AL Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders in Oman. We manufacture and distribute all kinds of aluminum scaffolding and ladders for both industrial, construction, roofing, home, and other professional uses. All our products are intentionally made to provide satisfactory solutions to all the professional sectors in the field.

Our manufacturing headquarters is situated in Sharjah, near Dubai, UAE where we carry out most of our technical, professional, designing, processing and administrative activities and make a supply to other parts of the country and beyond. In UAE, we supply all our products to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras ul Khaimah, and Al Ain.

In other countries, we provide unlimited supplies to all the countries in the G. C. C. Gulf regions like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Al Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. We also supply to other countries like Iran, and Iraq, including African countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and Azerbaijan among others.

At Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC, we take great pride in striving to produce the best aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders available in the market and offering you the best value. Our company is specialized in the field of the realization of aluminum structure such as mobile moveable towers, stairs and platform scaffolding and aluminum ladders for home and industrial uses.

The establishment also surpasses different kinds of quality and industrial production processes that regarded as international manufacturing standards. Both of our personnel files, occupational health surveillance data, industrial hygiene data and a real-time incident and injury management system from a large multi-site aluminum manufacturer were linked deterministically.

However, all our products are in line with the international standards as it regards to safety and reliability of the types of equipments we supply to the users. They are specifically designed for intensive use by the professionals in the field. Our maintenance of high standard quality assurance guarantees maximum security and safety of use in any of our products. Whether you are using it for industrial purposes such as; Oilfield sector, Advertising, Electromechanical, Insulation, Shipbuilding, Repair & Maintenance Companies, Lighting Companies, constructions, house repair and maintenance services, or for civil engineering purposes, our safety assurance covers you. And all our materials and production processes are certified by the quality standard of EN131 AND EN1004.

Our catalog of products traverses a wide range of portable aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders and platforms that are available in any of our stores all around our supplying areas. Our mobile and easily assemble and disassemble scaffolding includes; Double width aluminum scaffolding tower, Single width lightweight tower, Foldable tower, Podium aluminum steps, as well as Stairway mobile scaffold towers.

We also count our specialties on wide range of quality and portable aluminum ladders like Straight aluminum ladder, A-type dual purpose ladder, Two-way aluminum ladder, Heavy duty two way aluminum ladder, Platform aluminum ladder, Double section straight aluminum ladder, Triple section straight aluminum ladder, Multi-task aluminum ladder, heavy duty platform aluminum ladder, and Plastic top two way aluminum ladder.

We are also the best in manufacturing Fiberglass (FRP) double section straight ladder, Fiberglass single side ladder, and Fiberglass platform ladder. All of these products are world-class materials professionally designed to provide you with safety and confidence while using.

We are not far-fetched from you as we strive to give all our customers the best services that they deserve. When you are in need of our products, all you need to do is to contact us through our public relations platform for quick supply. You can also make inquiries or contributions through the same platform on or, or by calling +971 6 5432704 or +971 6 5422781. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.