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Aluminum Scaffolding And Aluminum Ladders Manufacturing Company, Kuwait

AL Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC is a great manufacturer and supplier of all sorts of aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders here in Kuwait. We have been producing reliable and quality products for decades. Our products are the most known and desired standard when it comes to the quality management system in the field. And there are a lot of significant and unique features of our products that explains why it can make the difference for a company that produces certified aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders.


Our Areas Of Coverage: For Your Unlimited Quality Supplies

All our products are available for quick supply all over UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras ul Khaimah, and Al Ain), with our headquarters based at Sharjah, near Dubai, UAE. We are also supplying to other G. C. C. Gulf regions such as here in Kuwait, Oman, Al Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Our products are also available for supply in other Asian and African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and many others.


Our World-class Manufacturing Process: For Your 100% Safety Satisfactions

Recognized for the quality of its products and its wide range of portable, safety, quality and dependable mobile aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders, Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC also puts its expertise at your service to offer you tailor-made designs, studied and manufactured according to your specific needs and constraints.

There is no doubt that our production processes are a reliable and complete system that meets the requirements of modern aluminum scaffolding and ladders: safety and speed in any use, regardless of the site and its working conditions. It has promulgated several regulations that are recognized worldwide as the "top" for the definition of technical rules.

These rules deal with all industrial processes, from super-specific areas to larger areas. All our products' quality guarantees comply with and legally certified by the EN131 AND EN1004  standards. They can guarantee high capacities. So what are the factors that you need which prop to use in your Construction sector, Oilfield sector, Advertising, Cleaning, Interior, Electromechanical, Insulation, Shipbuilding, Repair and Maintenance Companies as well as Lighting Companies that our scaffolding and ladders will not offer?

Our Quality Products: All About Our Catalogs

If you need to use scaffolding or ladder to do your work at height, it is essential to use a professionally made types of equipment like ours which can guarantee your safety while using. Our most renowned catalogs include: Aluminum Scaffolding Towers and Ladders of which our wide range of Scaffolding Categories covers; Double width aluminum scaffolding towers, Single width lightweight towers, Foldable towers, Podium aluminum steps, Stairway mobile scaffold towers.

Our manufacturing catalog also covers wide range of Ladders which includes: Straight aluminum ladder, A-type dual purpose ladder, Two-way aluminum ladder, Heavy duty two way aluminum ladder, Platform aluminum ladder, Double section straight aluminum ladder, Triple section straight aluminum ladder, Multi-task aluminum ladder, heavy duty platform aluminum ladder, and Plastic top two way aluminum ladder.

And other ladders such as: Fiberglass (FRP) double section straight ladder, Fiberglass single side ladder and Fiberglass platform ladder.


Contact Us For Smooth Supplying Services

Since its inception, Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC has been committed to rendering selfless services to our customers, thereby ensuring that all our products are brought to your doorsteps and at the same time provide you with opportunities to make inquiries as well as contributions through the following means: emailing us on or, or by calling +971 6 5432704 or +971 6 5422781. You can also make orders on any of our products through the same links above.