About AMS Die Casting




Die casting is one of the high-technology metal molding techniques that require a lot of machinery. We are one of the growing industries in die casting materials. Our die casting is mostly made from non-ferrous metals, such as copper, Aluminum, magnesium, pewter, lead, zinc, etc. These metals are resistant to corrosion and are long-lasting.  We have implied heavy machinery in a huge area that promotes pressure die casting. 




We are providing businesses with constructive support by manufacturing precision tools. We are consistently upgrading our processes to redefine the manufacturing industry with our die casting products.  We have expert engineering and quality plan systems that ensure stiffness and stability.  

We take care of the demand for die casting by reaching as far as possible. We have manufacturing hubs all over the UAE and Gulf. Moreover, we are also supplying it in other countries. We offer affordable prices with high quality best fitting castings. 




We are the premium die casting company. Our services include almost everything in die casting. It starts with product design, metal finishing, aluminium casting, and more. We cover almost all aluminium die casting services. 

There are many die casting companies out there. Choosing us over them will never be regret. We are already dealing with high demanding industries customers and know how to maintain service quality. Today people look for easy and long-lasting solutions and this is what we focus on. 

Continuous improvement is the key to success. This is what we opt for. To enhance our product quality we aim to make lightweight products, simplify the die casting tooling, different de-burring techniques, and a lot more. Get the best Aluminum die casting service with us and increase your overall business efficacy. 

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The process involves pressurizing the molten metal into a mold cavity. For this procedure, high pressure is required and hardened steel dies are necessary. We have a team of hardworking and trained engineers who assist you until the project is completed. Even after the project completion, we keep on taking the feedback. The mold cavities of superior quality create castings of different sizes. The way die-casting used to be created previously is totally different than today. Technology has made it quick and effective. 

There are different cavities that are used to create several components. It requires a single cavity for one component and multiple cavities to produce a number of identical parts. In addition, the unit die is used to produce diverse components at one time. Whereas, combinations die is used to produce many separate parts for an assembly. 




AMS Die Casting, we are the die casting company that follows predictive engineering methodologies with CAE. Through this, we produce rapid prototypes of the design. This is one of the cost-effective and time-saving solutions that have made us efficient in die casting products. Moreover, our professional R&D team keeps on making discoveries and time after time moving towards success in this industry. 




Without manufacturing businesses are incomplete or almost never start. Places like aluminium scaffolding industries, hospitals, textile industries, or any other factory where machinery is must require to die castings. Apart from we have reached the medical, traffic lights, recreational vehicles, etc. Besides, there are several food companies that require castings to set up their kitchens. 

In addition, our die casting plant is highly embedded with improved technology. The manufacturing process is smooth and consists of automated responses. AMS Die Casting follows the standard workflow that minimizes flaws and increases productivity. In order to monitor loopholes, we have a capable quality control department that never disappoints us in bringing out the finest products. 




Due to Global change and growing population people are more towards manufacturing buildings, companies, and houses. The concept of designing buildings, cars, or even factories is changing. Technology is playing a major role in making these changes happen. Now people move towards quick but reliable solutions. This is the reason we keep on taking challenges and improving our processes. 

For years we have been working for our clients and standing fully on their demands. We aim to expand our functions from time to time adding more products to our list. AMS Die Casting has aligned with it the manufacturing of Brace, hook, connectors, and clips. Furthermore, we keep on noting down the customer’s demands and queries and always respond to them with positive feedback. We always welcome our clients to suggest to us ways of maintaining and improving our product and services.