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Aluminum Scaffolding And Aluminum Ladders Manufacturing Company, UAE


AL Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of ultramodern aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders all around UAE and beyond. Today, we manufacture, distributes, supply and export aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders all around the UAE such as; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras ul Khaimah, and Al Ain.


Our zealous and invincible efforts towards rendering beneficial services in making our products available to every one of our customers made us to extend our supplying services to G. C. C. Gulf regions such as; Oman, Saudi Arabia, Al Bahrain, Qatar as well as Kuwait. We also supply our products to other parts of Asia and African countries like Iran, Iraq Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Azerbaijan and others.


Our Areas Of Specialties: Best You Can Wish To Have


We provide construction companies, civil engineers, roofing contractors, painting contractors, etc. with all kinds of options that guarantee their safety of operation through our ultramodern aluminum scaffolding and aluminum Ladders of all types that offer the most appropriate solution to each safety case within their professions.


Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC is a specialist in providing the fastest, safest and most economical solution in all kinds of ladders, mobile scaffolding, and scaffolding accessories. Our strength lies in the large stock of equipment most commonly used for Construction companies, Contractors, Oilfield sectors, Advertising, Cleaning, Interior, Electromechanical, Insulation, Shipbuilding, Repair & Maintenance Companies, and Lighting Companies.


Our specialists as concerned aluminum ladders is highly focused on manufacturing extra safety Ladders, ranging from Straight aluminum ladder, A-type dual purpose ladder, heavy duty platform aluminum ladder, Triple section straight aluminum ladder, Two-way aluminum ladder, to Platform aluminum ladder. We are not also left in manufacturing Double section straight aluminum ladder, Multi-task aluminum ladder, and Plastic top two-way aluminum ladder, and Heavy duty two-way aluminum ladder as well as Fiberglass platform ladder, Fiberglass (FRP) double section straight ladder and fiberglass single side ladder.


We also supply large companies on customized products through specialized manufacturers in the field. Our product catalogs include aluminum ladders and aluminum scaffolding, vertical ladders and fiberglass ladders. Its main features are lightness, mobility, and are adjustable in height and easy assembly system, without the need for tools. And compliant with the mobile scaffolding regulations of EN131 AND EN1004.

Extraordinary Quality Services: Our Utmost Priority

The company is exclusively dedicated to providing the best quality products and services that surpass all the safety and reliability standards in the field. We have the best brands in the world together with the best prices, to be able to supply all types of sectors that need them. We perform the essential service of the products that we sell, from offering the best quality to the after-sales service once the product is owned by the client.


Hence, more and more people and companies continue to rely on our scaffolding and ladders to solve their lifting problems. That's why every year we keep growing and improving to provide our customers with the best products and services that they would never think of having. Thanks to all the collaborators, clients and suppliers for making it possible.


TO get in contact with us for inquiries or you wish to make any suggestions, you can get that done through this form, sending us an email to or, or by calling +971 6 5432704 or +971 6 5422781. We will be pleased to give you a satisfactory service. Thanks.