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Aluminum Scaffolding And Aluminum Ladders Manufacturing Company, Saudi Arabia


AL Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC is a renowned and one of the leading aluminum scaffolding and aluminum ladders manufacturers and suppliers in the whole of Saudi Arabia. We are producing and marketing all kinds of aluminum ladders and aluminum scaffolding for industry, commerce, office, and home, the company aims, from the specialization, to promote the business of portable ladders, platforms, and scaffolding of aluminum maintaining the highest standards of quality and an optimum level of service, improving the competitiveness of the product.


All our goods meet the safety requirements of the respective European regulations and are explicitly designed for intensive use by the professional.


Our Quality Assurance System is certified in the standard of EN131 AND EN1004 and quality, safety, and design at a higher level.


A leading manufacturer of ladders, and scaffolding, Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC records its productions in a high level of performance. The quality, solidity, and ergonomics of our fabrications, superior to the norms in force, are appreciated and recognized for years by the Professionals of the Building Industry. The aluminum profiles used are specific and have generous sections guaranteeing the durability and security of your investment. We study and realize special customized equipment, ensuring ergonomics and safety in your professional environment. Our flexible and responsive organization allows us to provide direct sales and fast delivery throughout Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries like Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Azerbaijan.


Our products are available in our stores of direct selling and over 80 Fairs and exhibitions in our country of operation. Discover the tips, demonstrations, and promotional offers from us.


In Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait we are manufacturers of ladders for domestic and industrial uses. With many years dedicated to manufacturing, we can say that we have a great experience and we know all the details that a ladder must have to comply with current regulations and satisfy any need that our customers require. We manufacture all types of aluminum ladders for industrial use such as fiberglass single-sided stairs, security, warehouse, fire escape stairs, plug-in stairs, etc. If you want to buy a professional ladder or for your home here in Saudi Arabia you will find what you need, our team will advise you in every doubt that you have so you can buy the ladder that best suits your needs. Are you looking for industrial scaffolding? Visit our product catalog and choose. Are you looking for a ladder for domestic use? Perhaps manual or portable ladders are the ones that best suit you.



Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC, SAUDI ARABIA

We have been to Dubai, UAE and now we are in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait and African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, etc. We have been up to customers’ certification. We supply to many companies and industries, no matter where you are, all you need to do to contact us, and we will make our products available at your doorstep.


We manufacture stairs in different materials, adapting each of them to the different types of work that can be done. In this way, our models adapt to all the needs of the market, manufacturing them to measure if necessary. All our products are examined and guaranteed in accordance with the current regulations for the prevention of accidents. Our brands and quality certificates are also a guarantee of the quality control and design that we always carry out.



The AMS brand is synonymous with security, profitability and fulfilled commitments.


The design, production, technical, commercial, administrative and logistic departments are concentrated in our headquarters at Sharjah, near Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other places: Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait, Nigeria Kenya, etc. All together we give our best to offer quality Made by Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLC, Saudi Arabia.



In this section, you can get our catalogs aluminum ladders and aluminum scaffolding, vertical ladders, and fiberglass ladders. With the ' Industrial Series, ' you benefit from the guarantee on products intended for intensive use in the commercial and industrial maintenance sectors, in addition to construction, while with the 'Professional Series' you get a warranty. Years for products intended for periodic or occasional use.


The products that we present in our catalogs (portable aluminum ladders, warehouse stairs, aluminum platforms, aluminum scaffolding, portable aluminum ladder, vertical ladders, and fiberglass ladders) meet the safety requirements of the respective European regulations. And meet the strictest requirements in certified quality.


If you wish to make any question or suggestion, you can do it through this form, sending us an email to or, or by calling +971 6 5432704 or +971 6 5422781. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you.