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One Of The Leading Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers In Saudi Arabia

Contactors across the KSA are always in need of durable and resilient scaffolding fabrication. This is because they need to ensure structural support as well as the safety of their workers. This is where aluminium scaffolding comes into play, and that’s exactly what Al Mateen is here to help you out with.
As one of the leading aluminium scaffolding manufacturers in KSA, Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries takes utmost pride in always delivering top of the line and advanced scaffolding solutions to our clients in Dubai and the GCC region from different business segments and industries. Ever since our inception, our team has strived hard to deliver equipment that helps contractors ensure the safety and ease of their workers while they work above the ground.

An Extensive Range Of World Class Scaffolding Products – That’s What We Offer

Considered as one of the best aluminium scaffolding manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, we are strongly focused on manufacturing and supplying scaffolding of the highest quality, which is the perfect pick for all sorts of applications in multiple industries. To fulfill our promise of delivering solutions of outstanding value, we put in the effort to source the highest quality materials to guarantee stability, resilience and durability. Not only does our equipment help workers reach heights, it also assures you of ease of use.


The different scaffolding products manufactured and supplied by Al Mateen are inclusive of:


• Foldable towers
• Aluminium scaffolding towers
• Lightweight single width towers
• Podium aluminum steps
• Stairway mobile scaffold towers … and much more
With years of experience to our credit, we have learnt that every single client has their own individual requirements and project needs. An off-the-shelf solution is simply not the answer. It is for this reason that we offer a wide array of outstanding quality scaffolding products. With such an extensive selection, our clients acquire the opportunity to choose products and equipment that can best serve their individual needs. This leaves our clients with nothing to worry about in terms of making compromises on the quality of their respective projects.

We Deliver Tried, Tested & Quality Assured Products

When you reach out to the team at Al Mateen, the one thing that you can be assured of is that of receiving products that have been put through extensive testing to assure their quality. We put rigorous efforts into inspecting every single item to guarantee our clients of their safety. Safe to say, you can expect to receive nothing but the best formwork solutions for all of your projects.
We owe our success to our team that is made up of highly qualified and trained scaffolding experts who are skilled as designing top of the line formwork for all sorts of business applications. Renowned for their expertise, their dedication to delivering only the best is what helps us guarantee top class products that are designed as per your unique requirements.

Partner With Scaffolding Professionals Now

For further information about our products and services, feel free to send us an email at You can also use our online contact form and our dedicated hotlines to be assisted by our staff.